Netflix Haul

One of the things I was most excited for about coming home was watching Netflix.

My mom was even excited for me to watch Netflix with her. She would email me every week, and tell me about and new show that she and my dad were watching.

I haven’t had a ton of time to watch Netflix since I’ve been home.  But, I have perused the website a little bit.. Here is what I have found:

  1. Stranger Things: This show is a Netflix original. My mom raved about it all through my last transfer, and when I got home I watched all 13 episodes in 2 days. This show involves a group of 4 kids and an interesting little girl who get themselves tied up in a sticky situation. It has a pretty cool sci-fi twist to it.
  2. Grey’s Anatomy: I watched 2 full seasons of this show and I have to say, I don’t think its worth watching the other 9 available. Grey’s Anatomy is a long, scathing love drama, following a group of young interns through their residency and Seattle General Hospital in Washington. People can’t seem not stop falling in love with each other. But, medical cases kept me intrigued.
  3. Gotham: This rather violent saga follows detective Jim Gordan pre-batman in the city of Gotham. We see the development of Bruce Wayne, the future batman, as well as the development of the future villains in the DC Comics.
  4. Hawaii 5-0: I LOVE this show. I watched the first 2 seasons when I was still in high school, but I’m re-watching them now because I don’t actually remember anything that happened. It centers around an elite crime fighting task force that takes on drug lords and murderers in Hawaii. Its exciting and fun and I love following the adventures!
  5. Vampire Diaries: I just started watching this show a few days ago, and I am HOOKED. Its so early 2000’s and it just draws you right in. Nobody in the show looks their age, that’s for sure.. The main characters are supposed to be 17 year old highschoolers, but they definitely look like they’re in their 30’s.. Its okay though.

I am grateful for Netflix. Its helped me to become more and more.. normal. I’m excited to continue this adventure as a normal human.


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