Web Page Mockup


DESCRIPTION: Design a website homepage using a grid. 

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): 

  1. The first thing I did was choose who I wanted to design this webpage page for. I settled on the logo I made for myself in the last assignment.
  2. I then drew out some sketches to get an idea of what I wanted my web page to look like. The site I ultimately created didn’t look anything like the original sketch that I drew.
  3. I then used a grid on Photoshop to make a wireframe of my website.
  4. After I finished my wireframe I proceeded to add photos and place things where I wanted them. In my Photoshop document I placed lines above and below the links on my page, but they wouldn’t show up after saving the document.


screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-4-01-55-pmCRITIQUE PROCESS

My original website was very plain. Its difficult for me design things using lots of color and flare, because its not my style. My group had lots of things to say about that, which I greatly appreciated. They wanted me to add something else to my page to better showcase who I was, and make the services that I offered more obvious. In result to the suggestions that I received, I did make some changes. I added more specifics as to what I do, as well as add a quote near the top under my logo.


A college student looking for freelance work in public relations.


Anyone in need of help with public relations.


I wish I had done this assignment in InDesign because it would have gone a lot more smoothly. Photoshop is a great program, but not for this type of project.


Complementary// Black and White


Calibri// Sans Serif



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