Brochure Project

DESCRIPTION: Design a brochure for the company of your choice.

PROCESS (Program, Tools, Skills, FOCUS Principals):

  1. I found the idea for the design of this brochure on Pinterest, and I used InDesign to create my desired layout.
  2. I then cut the photo of the mountain with the reflection in the water in half, placing the top portion and the bottom portion on opposite ends of my brochure.
  3. Using Illustrator, I created a color gradient with the slate blue color found in the sky of the mountain photo. I then positioned these color gradients so that they blended with the photos in the top and bottom of the brochure.
  4. I then placed the photos and added in the necessary text.
  5. I then exported the document as JPEGs so I would be able to upload it.


When I brought my rough draft to class, I hadn’t finished all of it. It was more difficult for the students in my group to give me help. They did like the idea that I had created, and encouraged me to continue in the direction I had taken.

MESSAGE: To spread awareness about the charity run.

AUDIENCE: Anyone interested in running.

TOP THING LEARNED: I think I learned how to effectively use the three Adobe programs together to create one thing.

COLOR SCHEME AND COLOR NAME: Complementary//Slate Blue and Light Brown

TITLE FONT NAME AND CATEGORY: American Typewriter Bold//Slab Serif

COPY FONT NAME AND CATEGORY: Minion Pro Regular//Old Style




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