Fine Art Print

This is probably my favorite photo I’ve taken all semester. I know it’s shown up in a few posts previous to this, but it was my first choice for getting it printed as well. In order to make it more prepared to print, I darkened the background and increased the vibrancy of the veggies. The focal point of this photo is the tomatoes, and I love how the man in the background is not looking at the camera. 

Original, unedited photo.

Composite Image

For this assignment, we took two separate photos and blended them together using layer masks in Photoshop.

Top 5 Images

This semester I had the opportunity to take some pretty cool photos. Choosing my 5 favorite wasn’t too difficult, because out of the 4000 or so that I took, only a handful really caught my eye. But that’s photography, right?

Taken at Bannack, MT
Adam- Taken at Bannack, MT
Rexburg Temple, Taken in Rexburg, ID
Jessica- Taken in Seattle
Veggies- Taken in Seattle.

Bannack Portraits

For this part of our Bannack trip, we took portraits using natural and auxiliary light sources.

This photo was taken with natural lighting.
This photo was taken with natural lighting.
This photo was taken with a strobe.
This photo was taken with a diffuser.
This photo was taken with a strobe.
This photo was taken with a silver reflector.
This photo was taken with a strobe.


This is a ghost photo.

External Flash

In this exercise, we learned how to use an external flash to balance out the exposure of the sky with the subject.

Photo with the sky exposed
Photo taken with flash

Close Up and Personal-Macro Photography

For this week’s assignment, I used macro tubes on my Canon 30D to take very detailed, up close photos. Most of these I took in my apartment, because one of my roommates has lots of plants. My favorite photo is the one of my friend’s eye. I like how her eyelashes are most in focus that her eyeball. I edited these photos using Lightroom.


Perspective of 12

For this assignment, we were asked to take 9-12 photos of the same subject, and create a collage with them. I chose to photograph one of my baseball caps. I placed them on a white sheet on my bedroom floor, and used a lamp to correct the lighting.