Kortni Jeane Swimmers

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Kortni Jeane is one of my favorite swimsuit brands. They create cute, bright colors designs that are unique to their company, and every two months or so they retire the line they currently have and release an entirely new line of patterns and styles. Because I follow them on Instagram and look at their website often, their adds pop up frequently on my Facebook. This ad is simple, and allows the viewer to switch between the different styles and see different options.


The caption of the ad reads, “Our latest collection is flying off the shelves! What are you waiting for? Get yours while supplies last!” This caption implies that the products they have are popular and if you don’t buy it right now you won’t ever get the chance to. So much about the success of an ad depends on how appealing the caption is, combined with how pleasing the image is.

Kortni Jeane-01

Each photo of the girl in a swimsuit is styled the same way, It is one woman in a swimsuit with the same white background. The white blends in with the outline of the ad, which created fluidity.

Kortni Jeane-02

One of the best parts of this add, is that you can click on the add and switch between various pictures of swimsuits. So they are encouraging shopping of their items by making it easy to click on each individual product and shop for it.

Kortni Jeane-03



Somewhere Devine

For my REP Post, I did this video made by Hailey Devine. Hailey and her husband Brad are a husband and wife team that do a lot of traveling and create video content. They also host different groups and travel to different countries together. Here it the video:

The video explains it pretty well, but a capsule wardrobe is essentially a way to minimize your wardrobe. It is creating for mini wardrobes, one for each season. You rotate through each wardrobe based on the season, and each wardrobe only has 20-30 pieces.


For the beginning part of the video, Hailey is just talking to the camera and explaining her wardrobe and why she picked the pieces she did. For this part of the video, she isn’t dead center of screen which I really like. She is slightly to the left. I believe this works with the Rule of Thirds…


They used stop-motion photography to show off the various pieces that she chose for this wardrobe, which was super cool. They used typwriter-like text to label the different parts, along with simply uniform white arrows. The words are nicely spaced out, along with the arrows, so nothing seems cramped.


Finally, whether its 3 Haileys in the shot, or just 1 floating Hailey, they is always spaced out equally. In the frames where its just her, she is right in the middle of the camera frame. Doing this puts all of the focus directly on her, and what she is wearing.


fullsizeoutput_1f30This is Jessica. She is 23 years old, and a student at Brigham Young University Idaho. She is studying child development. Jessica love to sing and play the guitar. Its how she shares with others how she is feeling. When I took this photo Jessica was smiling. She has the sweetest smile and is always willing to share that smile with others.

When I asked her how she was feeling, she said:

“Today, I’m good. I’m not great, but I’m good. Every day is different; heck, every minute is different. Lately, I feel happiest when I’m around people who distract me from the broken parts of my life– the people who help me feel loved and important and needed. I’m not afraid to face my feelings. I’ve never been good at hiding how I’m feeling. A lot of people tell me that’s a good trait to have, but when they ask me what’s wrong and I open up, i think sometimes they get more than they bargained for. Ask me today how I am and I’ll tell you ‘I’m good’. Today I mean it, but tomorrow’s another story.”