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Photobook- First 6 Pages

These are the first six pages of my photobook: the front and back covers, a photospread, as well as my bio and table of contents. As you can see, its still a work in progress.


Themed Images

For this assignment, we took a series of themed photos while visiting Bannack. I really liked the look of the old rusty tools lying in the grass, and took it as an opportunity for photos.

Title: Copperplate Gothic//Bold//Serif

Body Copy: Copperplate Gothic//Regular//Serif

Bannack Portraits

For this part of our Bannack trip, we took portraits using natural and auxiliary light sources.

This photo was taken with natural lighting.
This photo was taken with natural lighting.
This photo was taken with a strobe.
This photo was taken with a diffuser.
This photo was taken with a strobe.
This photo was taken with a silver reflector.
This photo was taken with a strobe.


This is a ghost photo.

External Flash

In this exercise, we learned how to use an external flash to balance out the exposure of the sky with the subject.

Photo with the sky exposed
Photo taken with flash


For this assignment, we were asked to use different reflectors to change the lighting in our photos. There are 5 different reflectors we can choose from, depending on the lighting. It was difficult today because the sun was harsh, and it was incredibly windy outside. But we were able to capture some decent photos using the diffuser, black, and silver lighting options.

I took a before and after photo of India using a diffuser. The first is without the diffuser, and the second is with.

This next photo was taken with the silver reflector. It added extra light to her face that wasn’t really necessary because of how bright it was outside already.

This last photo was used with the black reflector. I think this one was my favorite.

Close Up and Personal-Macro Photography

For this week’s assignment, I used macro tubes on my Canon 30D to take very detailed, up close photos. Most of these I took in my apartment, because one of my roommates has lots of plants. My favorite photo is the one of my friend’s eye. I like how her eyelashes are most in focus that her eyeball. I edited these photos using Lightroom.